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The Victor2.0 library (Virtual Construction Toolkit for Proteins) is an open-source project dedicated to providing a C++ implementation of tools for anlyzing and manipulating protein structures. Victor is composed of three main modules:

  • Biopool - Biopolymer Object Oriented Library. The core library that generates the protein object and provides useful methods to manipulate the structure
  • Energy - Energy functions implementation.
  • Lobo - LOop Build-up and Optimization.

This Wiki will help you to discover how to use the Victor package through an example driven approach. We believe this is the easiest way to get confident with the Victor library. For a detailed description of all classes please visit the Doxygen documentation Victor2.0 complete guide.

Getting started

Here you will find a complete guide on how to downdload and install Victor2.0


Here you will find how to use the Victor2.0 package through an example driven approach


Here you will find information about the research group Biocomputing Up