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The Victor2.0 library (Virtual Construction Toolkit for Proteins) is an open-source project dedicated to providing a C++ implementation of tools for anlyzing and manipulating protein structures. Victor is composed of three main modules:

  • Biopool - The core library that generates the protein object and provides useful methods to manipulate the structure
  • Energy -
  • Lobo -

This Wiki will help you to discover how to use the Victor package through an example driven approach. We believe this is the easiest way to get confident with the Victor library. For a detailed description of all classes please visit the Doxygen documentation Victor2.0 complete guide.


If you already installed Victor go directly to the tutorial page.


The source code as well as the precompiled version of the software are available in GitHub. You can download it directly from [GitHub]

Alternatively you can clone Victor into your local repository. Assuming you already have installed Git, just type:

 git clone <your_folder>


If you successfully got the source code, now you need to compile it. Before compiling, please check the g++ compiler is installed in your system and set a couple of environment variables in the or just type the following command, replacing <your_folder> with the Victor main directory:

export VICTOR_ROOT=/<your_folder>/victor/  PATH=$PATH:/<your_folder>/victor/bin/

Now, to compile the library simply do:

make clean
make depend
make install

After that you should obtain the following folder structure:

 bin/            // a copy of all "APPS" executable
 Biopool/        // the Biopool package
 data/           // symbolic links to the content of the "Data" folder inside packages 
 Energy/         // the Energy package
 html/           // the Doxygen documentation
 lib/            // libraries
 Lobo/           // the Lobo package
 samples/        // some PDB files for testing purpose
 tools/          // some helper classes

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